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Set your Daily Calories Target with DietAI Target

At DietAI, we determine your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) to set a caloric intake below your TDEE, creating a calorie deficit for weight loss.

“I've been using DietAI Habits for months. It identified my snacking habits and gave personalized tips. Now, I'm making healthier choices and feeling great. A must-try for better dieting!”

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Emily Johnson (Subscriber)

<span>Set your<span style="color:rgb(var(--color-secondary))"> Daily Calories Target with </span><span style="color:#289f2a">DietAI Target  </span></span>

Get Custom Daily Meals with DietAI Menus

Start your journey with DietAI Menus to achieve your dietary goals. Through WhatsApp, DietAI sets your daily caloric target and tailors menus to your habits and preferences. Enjoy unlimited customized menus, each meeting your caloric goals and providing nutritional details. All interactions fit your schedule, making diet management seamless and effective.

“I've been using DietAI for weeks, and it's amazing! The personalized menus and smart grocery list make healthy eating easy. I feel more energized and closer to my health goals. Highly recommend!”

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<span>Get Custom Daily Meals with <span style="color:rgb(40, 159, 42)">DietAI Menus</span></span>

Stay Balanced with DietAI Calorie Tracker

Keep your diet on track with DietAI Tracker. Update DietAI via WhatsApp after each meal to get real-time calorie balance. Request a nutritional summary anytime. At day's end, mark your last meal for insights and motivational feedback. Stay within your target range effortlessly.

“DietAI's tracker revolutionized my nutrition. It revealed my carb-heavy lunches, helping me balance them with more protein. It's user-friendly and essential for smarter food choices. A must-try for health enthusiasts!”

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"Emily's Review of DietAI's Calorie Tracker" (Subscribe)

<span>Stay Balanced with <span style="color:#289f2a">DietAI Calorie Tracker</span></span>

Discover Personalized Eating Insights with DietAI Habits

ChatGPTTransform your life with DietAI NutriInsight. By analyzing your eating patterns and triggers, we provide a personalized roadmap to healthier living. Recognize habits like stress-snacking and get alternative strategies. Achieve a balanced lifestyle, one insight at a time.

“DietAI NutriInsight changed my eating habits. It identified my late-night snacking and suggested healthier alternatives like carrot sticks. Improved my diet and stress management. Highly recommended!”

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Jessica's Feedback on DietAI NutriInsigh (Subscribe )

<span>Discover Personalized Eating Insights with<span style="color:#289f2a"> DietAI Habits </span></span>

Get Answers to All Your Diet Questions with DietAI Coach

Experience personalized guidance with DietAI Coach, your trusted diet assistant. Available anytime, it answers questions about diet and emotional well-being. Need advice on weight loss foods, managing cravings, or emotional eating? DietAI Coach is here to help. Empower yourself to make informed decisions and achieve your dietary goals confidently.

<span>Get Answers to All Your Diet Questions with <span style="color:#289f2a">DietAI Coach</span></span>

Unlock Culinary Creativity with DietAI Chef

Explore endless culinary possibilities with DietAI Chef, your personal recipe curator on WhatsApp. If you crave something not on your daily menu or seek culinary inspiration, DietAI Chef has you covered. Just share your preferences—calorie count, cooking skill level, or available ingredients—and it will curate a custom recipe for you. For instance, if you have chicken, broccoli, and quinoa at home and want a 400-calorie meal, DietAI Chef can suggest a delicious, nutritious chicken stir-fry recipe. Satisfy your cravings while staying on track with your diet, all through simple text messages on WhatsApp.

<span>Unlock Culinary Creativity with<span style="color:rgb(var(--color-primary))"> </span><span style="color:#289f2a">DietAI Chef</span></span>

"I love how DietAI adapts to my dietary needs. Whether it’s low-carb, vegan, or gluten-free, it crafts meals that are both nutritious and delicious. Plus, the grocery list feature is a lifesaver—it makes shopping so much easier. I've seen a noticeable improvement in my energy levels since starting with DietAI."

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