Welcom DietAI Tracker

DietAI Tracker helps you track daily food and activities, adjusting menus based on your calorie consumption. It aims to help you meet your goals by monitoring intake and suggesting real-time updates for your diet plan.


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Monitor your food intake, activities, and calorie consumption in real time to stay on track and achieve your diet goals with DietAI Tracker.

Track your progress

With DietAI Tracker, you can create a personalized menu and track your progress to reach your desired weight. By closely monitoring your food intake and activities, you can make informed choices and stay on track with your diet goals.

 track your progress to reach your desired weight.

Improve Your Health

By using the DietAI Tracker, you can improve your health by creating a balanced and nutritious menu. The tracker helps you monitor your sport activities, calorie consumption and make adjustments to ensure you're getting the right nutrients for your body.

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Personalized Guidance

The DietAI Tracker provides personalized guidance based on your goals and preferences. It takes into account your dietary restrictions, food preferences, and activity level to create a menu that suits your needs and helps you achieve your diet goals.
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Achieve Your Diet Goals

How to get the most benefits from DietAI Tracker.

Update DietAI Tracker with What You Eat on an Ongoing Basis

Each day, enter the DietAI Tracker and update the foods you've eaten throughout the day. This includes all meals and snacks. Be as precise as possible in terms of quantities and types of food.

Get Accuracy of Calorie Counting and Nutritional Balance

By consistently updating your food intake in the DietAI Tracker, it can accurately calculate your daily calorie consumption, ensuring you stay on track with your diet goals, be it for weight loss, gain, or maintenance. Moreover, these regular updates enable the Tracker to monitor the balance of macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, and fats – in your diet. This comprehensive tracking ensures that your diet is not only aligned with your calorie goals but also remains nutritionally balanced and customized to meet your specific health objectives.

Get Daily Menu Adjustments Based on Your DietAI Updates

Based on your daily updates, the DietAI Tracker can suggest adjustments to your diet. For example, if you consume too many calories in the morning, it might suggest lighter options for the rest of the day.

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